Hey there, I’m Brandon

I’m a podcast host, Medium writer, and student at Columbia University.

Marketing Mindset is my second newsletter, aimed at providing in-depth case studies at people who specialize in making money on the internet. Each week I will post a breakdown on how a different individual is building their brand and diversifying their income. We will examine:

  • What platforms are they using and what strategies did they use?

  • Who does this platform and strategy fit?

  • What are pieces of actionable advice can we take away from this?

I am a believer that lifelong learning makes everyone a student. Marketing Mindset is one of the three pillars that makes up the “Student Mindset,” a state of mind that leads to consistent self-improvement.

Every Sunday, I publish “Weekly Wisdom,” a newsletter aimed to bring you the content that sharpens your mind and builds your “Student Mindset,” to 300+ community members.

Every Friday, I release an episode of “The Student Mindset Podcast,” where we bring in guests to talk about their journey to internet success and independence.